GigaNet is an internet service & IT Solutions company Founded in September 2015 to improve internet service standards in our society to reach international standards 

More About Us

we work in the internet services field since 2004 and at 2015 our professional team decided to start the new brand 'GigaNet' to change the mindset of internet providing in Iraq.


ours is to develop and apply ultimate, innovative new principles of internet Solutions and services in our society, that help to enrich peoples’ lives and businesses and to bring peace of mind. We are committed to consistently improving our quality of services and guaranteeing value creation and difference-making. So that we empower, inform, inspire and invest in our employees to be dedicated to honoring our mission by making it through 


G|Vision is: Striving to become one of the undeniable local dynamic leaders in the field of communications in terms of innovations and solutions which essential to achieve our mission and make life simpler. And being an undeniable Leader serves as a Framework that guides every aspect of our Business by defining what we need to accomplish in order to Our mission and conquering all challenges ahead. 


Proud to share the following values among our employees and stakeholders:

  • Respect

  • Transparency

  • Integrity

  • Work ethics

  • Client priority

  • Teamwork